Review – Dragon Quest IX – Sentinels of the Starry Skies (Nintendo DS)


In Japan that the Dragon Quest games really are a force of nature.

As a budding caretaker, you’re finally ready to fly solo and be sole guardian of the small, secluded hamlet of Angel falls. Needless to say, your protector ship doesn’t go either smooth or entirely as planned. The title starts out slow, a series stable, but picks up pace within the first two-three hours. The game’s manuscript is lighter than previous games, but still retains its cute characters, funny dialog and distinct Japanese flavor Dragon City Hack APK.

Evolve or become extinct

Dragon Quest IX is instantly recognizable to fans of Japanese roleplaying games. You explore a huge world filled with dungeons, cities and adventure. You fight monsters of every kind and spend hours tinkering with your party, ensuring that they have the best possible equipment and survival skills. Combat is turned based yet engaging – with options to control every one of your party members individually or let the capable AI decide for faster execution.

But producer Ryutaro Ichimura wasn’t satisfied with abiding with conventions, and the development team looked towards western games like Oblivion for inspiration. The result is a Dragon Quest game, which is streamlined, modernized and enjoyable even after many, many hours.

Pandora’s box – be warned

As expected and demanded – the main story in Dragon Quest IX is a lengthy one – to put it mildly. Square Enix didn’t stop there though; up to four players can join each other via local network. Doing so, players are free to explore the host’s world, participate in the storyline or just help out with battles. Multiplayer is a fantastic experience, perfect for families and friends with DS’s lying around.

Compared to Square Enix’ preceding Dragon Quest names on the DS, Sentinels of this Starry Skies carries a giant stride forwards demonstration shrewd. A fully realized 3D engine attracts the match securely in to the recent millennium, also Koichi Sugiyama has again written a fitting and refined sound track.

Grab it when you can!

Dragon Quest IX is one of this season’s greatest releases – on almost any stage, on any other continent at virtually any genre. Square Enix has deftly managed to remain true to the show heart,

old hierarchical truisms and send of a number of their greatest multi player fun available on Nintendo DS. Finest match in ages on Nintendo’s handheld – key buy, also values buying a DS for.

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